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Regression Sloped RSI

See trend intensity. Divergences. Reversals. Comprehensibly, clear, and self-adjusting to your chosen token.


There are many basic Relative Strength Indices out there, promising all kinds of different signals. These can be early, but as a result often give many false signals – as a result you get chopped around. And if you set them less sensitive, you may get late on entries, late on exits – costly.

Our 𝓑𝓒-π“‘π“’π“˜ has been optimized to tackle this by using a special regression slope for its signal. That way we minimized chopping, while still being quick.

In combination with the Heikin Ashi candles it can be used to get early entries – with high probability of them being correct.

Your Benefits
  • A smoothened RSI that remains quick
  • Specifically built and adapted for Crypto
  • Probability based, auto-adjusts to different tokens’ volatility
  • Gives up to four clearly defined confirmations
  • Matches your stack of additional Quantra indicators for maximum confluence


With its underlying probability-based build, the 𝓑𝓒-π“‘π“’π“˜ is perfectly ready to work in confluence with other Quantra indicators on various timeframes and tokens with different market caps.

With our typical visualization, it represents a solid cornerstone within the indicator packages. Using Heikin Ashi candles, the sloped RSI’s values show weight in the candles as well. Additionally, you can detect divergences, and standard deviation bands help identify zones of high or low value.

Performance Highlights
Our 𝓑𝓒-π“‘π“’π“˜ invited us into a trade of high confidence. There have been 4 confirmations for this entry – in this indicator alone! We shorted 5x for capital efficiency and walked home with a 3:1 Reward vs. Risk trade.


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