ᏦᏒᎧ - The Swiss Army Knife of Indicators


Good indicators for scalping (quick trading) are quite rare. Often they are not made specifically for Cryptos. They do not consider trend. They are hard to stack, because they don't align well to each other.

A recipe for desaster and a suffering Win-Loss-Ratio. Your money on the line.

Quantra presents the ᏦᏒᎧ as our solution: Scalp with this 2-in-1, while observing the larger trend.

Your Benefits
  • Use preset settings
  • Stack two aligned indicators
  • Scalp on the 4min chart
  • See trend on the 1D chart

The ᏦᏒᎧ's methodology helps the trader to significantly reduce false signals. We take pride in its construction - built in a probalistic, dynamic nature and visualized in Quantra's typical fashion.

Start collecting your edges now - with this FREE indicator combination found on the button below.

Performance Highlights
Quantra's ᏦᏒᎧ in action, giving 3 confirmations for a Short Position. Took profit for a 2.5x to the risked value. Learn how to use the ᏦᏒᎧ in minutes by pressing the button below.
How to use